South Chihuahua Industrial Building III

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  • Chihuahua

C. Construccion S/N,Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico.


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• USMCA ́s Central Corridor: High Quality of life in a low cost region, close to the 

   largest market in the world. With solid infraestructure and convenient time zone.

• Modern Infrastructure: Class A Building.

• Human capital: skilled, productive, experienced and stable workforce.

• World-class education and R&D infrastructure.

• Multilingual and Multicultural Pro-Business environment.

• Neighboring States with Texas and New Mexico. Largest shared border with

   the United States.

• Clusters and Industries with Advanced Integration and Cooperation. Strong ties

   with local government, institutions, and industry.

• Free Trade Agreements with 48 countries.

• Competitive Operational Costs


Airport 13 min 5 miles
Downtown 30 min 12 miles
Cd. Juarez 4 min 232 miles

Facility Specs

For Lease

Water Light Electrical Power Supply Gas Telephone lines


Parking places

Fire protection System


2 Equipped docks w/ 9’x10 ́ manual operation roll-up door,2 Forklift ramps w/ 12’x14’ roll-up door 33 Wall knockouts for docks or truck parking stalls and/or 2 forklift ramp knockouts


SSR-KR 18 System - Ga. 223” Fiberglass insulation5% Polycarbonate skylights

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