What are the main industries in Tamaulipas

By Anayancy Ulloa


March 9, 2022

The strategic industries of the state of Tamaulipas are electrical-electronic, automotive, chemical-petrochemical and aerospace. The state is the gateway to a market of millions of consumers and the crossroads of more than 33% of Mexico's international trade with the world, since its more than 14,000 kilometers of road network and paths efficiently connect geographic and economic regions of North America.

In Tamaulipas, seven regions stand out, each one has a productive vocation:

I Nuevo Laredo Border: Foreign trade, electrical-electronic sector, energy, agricultural sector and tourism.

II Ribereña: Foreign trade, energy, agricultural sector and tourism.

III Reynosa:  Foreign trade, auto parts, electrical-electronic, energy, agricultural sector and tourism.

IV Matamoros: Foreign trade, auto parts, energy, agricultural sector and tourism.

V Center: Auto parts, agriculture, tourism and fishing.

VI Mante: Agribusiness, agriculture, energy and tourism.

VII South: Chemical-petrochemical, energy, foreign trade, fishing, agriculture and tourism.



Tamaulipas has a presence in the automotive, electrical-electronic, chemical-petrochemical, aerospace, energy, medical and agro-industrial sectors.


Automotive section

The automotive industry links the manufacture of auto parts with the production of final automotive products, as well as with the generation and strengthening of sub-assembly supplier companies.

This sector has a presence in Tamaulipas with 192 companies and generates 104,668 jobs. The main companies in this sector are located in the municipalities of Matamoros, Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo.

The main products produced are dashboards, steering wheels, harnesses, security systems, sensors and brake systems. 

The main companies in this sector are: Eaton, Magna, Valeo, Posco, Hilti, Denso Ten, Inteva, Linamar, Panasonic, Joyson, Cequent, ITW, Trico and Hydro.

The processes that are carried out in the manufacture of these products are mainly assembly, plastic injection, extrusion, welding, painting, sewing, casting and stamping.


Electrical-electronic sector

Another important industry with a presence in the state is the electrical and electronic industry, where the production of final consumer items increases its capacity day by day, managing to form a chain between the companies located on the state border ready to supply the demand of consumers. marked national and foreign with diverse products.

In the state of Tamaulipas there are 102 companies in the electrical-electronic sector and they generate more than 81,333 jobs.

The products that are manufactured range from energy and ballasts, car radios, batteries, radio equipment, televisions, transformers, electrical power supplies, accessories for air conditioning and the manufacture of power tools.

Globally recognized companies such as LG, Motorola, Black & Decker, Emerson, TKR, iQor, Alcom, Kemet, Spellman, Tyco, Pentair or Rheem, to name a few, are part of this industry in the state.

In this sector, the processes are varied and range from  metal stamping, precision stamping, winding, casting, forging and extrusion balancing, specialized welding, injection molding, blow or compression molding, milling, drilling, turning, heat treatment , quenching, annealing and polishing.


Chemical-petrochemical sector

To the south of the state, in Altamira, is located the "Most Important Petrochemical Corridor in Mexico". It offers this industry a fundamental platform for the growth and development of important industrial chains such as textiles, automotive and logistics, electronics, construction, plastics, food and chemicals, among others. 80% of thermoplastic resins nationwide are manufactured in this region.

The sector is made up of 89 companies that generate 12,259 jobs.

The main products produced south of Tamaulipas are PET, PVC, ABS, terephthalic acid (PTA), dimethyl terephthalic acid (DMT), titanium dioxide, carbon black, synthetic rubber, and polypropylene film.

Companies such as BASF, Chemours, Chemtura, Orbia, Flex, Cabot or Grupo Petrotemex make up this industry


aerospace industry 

One of the sectors with growth potential in Tamaulipas is aerospace. It is developed mainly in the border cities of Reynosa, Matamoros and Nuevo Laredo, cities where nine companies are located and 8,256 people are employed. 

This industry focuses on the manufacture of aircraft turbines, landing gear, electrical connectors, telecommunication products, power transfer units, hydraulic rubber manufacturing, aircraft bearings, signal transmitters, and door sensors.

This industry has found important support due to the large quantity and quality of labor available among the population of the area, which has meant an upturn in job creation and high productivity for companies that are installed in Tamaulipas such as Cinch, Ametek, Corning, RBC, Eaton, Chromalloy, and G-Shank Aerospace.


medical industry

The production of medical equipment has increased its capacity thanks to the assembly and manufacture of medical equipment, plastic injection, the development of instruments for the application of insulin and the creation of supplies and products such as ultrasound cleaning equipment, the manufacture of masks and nebulizers.

In Tamaulipas, the medical sector has a presence with 13 companies and generates a total of 15,275 jobs.

The products that this sector makes from its operating plants located in Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros and Reynosa are mainly assemblies and manufacturing of medical equipment, catheters, trays and surgical material. Normal and electric wheelchairs, comfortable and rails for stretchers. 

Companies such as iiMED, Haemotronic, Fresenius Medical Care, BD (Bard), and Medline are located in the state.

Some production processes in the medical equipment that are manufactured are plastic injection, packaging, assembly and weaving.


Energy sector 

In the energy sector, Tamaulipas has a presence with 94 companies that generate 8,989 jobs. Here products derived from petroleum and coal are manufactured, construction of works for the generation and conduction of electrical energy, construction of works for oil and gas, as well as generation, transmission and distribution of energy and supply of water and gas.

Companies such as Pemex, Iberdrola, ICA, Engie, Vestas, Nordex, Acciona and TPI, among others, are located in the entity.


Agribusiness sector

Tamaulipas has the presence of 870 companies that generate 6,948 jobs, mainly in agriculture, animal breeding for export, exploitation, fishing and hunting.

The entity has known how to consolidate and stand out in this sector with products such as tequila, mezcal, citrus fruits, olives, aloe vera, sugar, sorghum and meat products.

Companies such as Chinaco, Aloe Jaumave, Xico, Olivarreal, Grupo Sáenz, Cisel, Mezcal Sierra Chiquita and Arias, are just a few companies in the region.


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