Sonora: A Prime Destination for Investment

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October 24, 2023

Sonora boasts the infrastructure necessary for the establishment of new businesses or the organic growth of existing ones. The state is well-equipped for production and mobility activities within its borders, with ongoing investments in the modernization of ports, highways, and border crossings, all set to fuel economic development.

Moreover, Sonora's impressive and sustained growth in key indicators makes it a highly attractive prospect for investors. In terms of innovation, the state boasts one of the highest numbers of research centers per 100,000 inhabitants.

Arturo Fernández Díaz González, President of Sonora Global EDC, is an investor seeking opportunities in Mexico. After careful analysis of various states in the country, he has concluded that Sonora is the premier destination for investment.

A crucial factor

"Sonora ranks ninth in terms of competitiveness according to the IMCO State Competitiveness Index. This places the state above two-thirds of the country's states. Furthermore, the region possesses a complex and diversified economy, a crucial factor in attracting suppliers and strengthening local supply chains. The state is actively working on the integration of the Automotive Cluster and the Aerospace Cluster."

Strategically located near the US border, Sonora offers significant logistics advantages. With 1,200 kilometers of coastline, including the pivotal Guaymas port, it holds a key position for trade and commerce.

In addition, Sonora boasts a skilled and readily available workforce. Hermosillo ranks first for the average educational level of its population aged 25 and above, while Ciudad Obregón secures the third spot.

Sustainable energy sources

"Sonora's energy availability is substantial. The state generates nearly double the electricity consumed in all types of activities. Notably, some of the country's most critical natural gas pipelines traverse Sonora. The state also focuses on clean and sustainable energy sources. It has unveiled a plan for Energy Transition, aiming to attract $48 billion in investments in solar photovoltaic and wind energy between 2023 and 2030."

Currently, the state upholds the rule of law and maintains a high level of security, fostering an ideal investment environment.

"Sonora is actively crafting a strategy for promoting and attracting foreign direct investment, as well as developing local suppliers. It's a region rich in economic potential, natural resources, competitive advantages, and a dedicated administration. This is why it stands out as the prime investment destination in Mexico," emphasized Arturo Fernández Díaz González.

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