Solistica opens its multi-client warehouse in Nuevo León

By Elenne Castro

Nuevo León

April 6, 2022

Solistica , opened its Multiclient Warehouse in Monterrey, Mexico. The location and capabilities of this new warehouse complement the storage service and added value . 

This center has a state-of-the-art technological operation system that will strengthen the logistics network of its clients in the northern states and the border with the United States. 

In addition, to reinforce its capacities in Mexico with more than 340,000 square meters of storage network in Multiclient and Dedicated mode , which includes a model focused on the consumer with high flexibility. 

This store begins with operations of leading customers in its field such as Brown Forman and AMWAY .

The strategic location of the warehouse will allow it to adapt to the specific needs and requirements of customers, reduce costs and have more efficient processes.

During the event, Eduardo Calderón, logistics manager for Brown-Forman Mexico , pointed out that having this restock point in this strategic location allows them to open up new opportunities in their service portfolio and strengthen relationships with their logistics partners.

For her part, Jessica Ponce de León, general director of Solistica, stated that with the opening of the warehouse the company reiterates its commitment to having state-of-the-art facilities in its logistics operations to support and generate value for its customers. 

“This implies empowering our collaborators, men and women capable of creating; respecting and collaborating with the communities where we are present, and always attached to a culture of transparency and legality, ”she said.

This warehouse has 7,000 square meters , with two specialized lines for the preparation and assortment of orders with a capacity of 250 boxes per hour equivalent to 3,200 pieces. The installed annual capacity for extended shifts for selection and shipment is 7.5 million pieces

The facility has 3,000 pallet positions for the storage of finished products and materials . In addition to a specialized area for cross-docking operations, allowing the consolidation of goods from different origins.

Alfonso Garza Garza, director of FEMSA Negocios Estratégicos, stated that this project reinforces the commitment to not only be a provider, but also a strategic partner that understands the needs of clients, and advances in the mission of being the preferred 3PL partner in Latin America.

Solistica 's warehouse is located in the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey, it is at the forefront of technology for Fulfillment operations,  through Pick to display solutions , which are one of the best options for order preparation.

This technology is used for the fulfillment of orders for  AMWAY, which is one of the clients with whom we inaugurated the operations of this warehouse, which allows us to support the specific requirements of assembling orders to supply their employers.

In this regard, Martín Galeazzi, AMWAY deputy director for Latin America, commented that Pick to display is one of the most productive order fulfillment solutions that exist for distribution centers, and it is the technology that AMWAY uses to process the more than 25,000 monthly orders from businessmen, which are supplied from this Distribution Center to the entire Mexican Republic.

The application of these systems in agile response environments for consumers guarantees faster, scalable and error-free response processes, thanks to the fact that the displays guide the operator to the containers in which the order items are collected and deposited. .

Each location or container assigned to an order will have an associated code, which will be shown on a display. Sorting is done item by item. The display visually indicates to the operator the locations to collect and deposit the quantity-item demanded for each order.

This entire process helps reduce reverse logistics costs, inventory is kept up to date, thus reducing operating costs and providing flexibility to employees thanks to the short learning period.

In Mexico, Solistica operates 19 warehouses in different modalities , in strategic locations, along with maquila services and transportation management, in order to advance its vision of being the preferred 3PL partner in Latin America, and to be recognized for its experience. regional and innovative solutions, by consistently exceeding customer expectations.

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