Siemens will invest 683 million pesos in Nuevo León to improve production capacities

By Elenne Castro

Nuevo León

June 6, 2022

Siemens and the Government of Nuevo León confirmed the project called " Mitras Project " which involves an investment of 683 million pesos.

This announcement was made within the framework of Hannover Messe , the most important industry technology fair in the world, and consists of the construction of a new building of 17,926 square meters with LEED Gold certification at the Siemens Monterrey plant , located in Santa Catarina, where they are expected to produce 874,000 plastic pieces daily and will be generating 450 new jobs .

Alejandro Preinfalk, CEO of Siemens Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, stressed the importance of Nuevo León in the company's operations, for which they wanted to endorse the commitment to collaborate with the state. 

“As many of you know, Siemens has a long history of more than 10 years in the territory of New Leon; Our factory located in Santa Catarina, Monterrey, provides job opportunities to more than 1,400 people focused on the production of low voltage items with the highest quality, with operations that reach markets in the United States, Canada, Europe and Mexico, among others. .”

Iván Rivas Rodríguez, head of the Nuevo León Ministry of Economy , highlighted the industry and innovation DNA of the state, which is why they are working to become the most important technology and industry 4.0 hub in Latin America .

The creation of 450 new jobs is added to the announcement made in October 2021 by Siemens  of the generation of 600 new jobs during the Covid-19 period, which consolidates a creation of job opportunities that amounts to more than 1,000 jobs in the last year. 

Preinfalk thanked Nuevo León for its support and reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability, where it spoke about the implementation of new decentralized energy technologies  at the Monterrey Plant to reduce the carbon footprint of Siemens operations .

With the installation of the photovoltaic park in the factory, they are capable of generating 499 Mw/h of clean energy and reducing the generation of 400 tons of CO2 annually.

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