Prettl will build a new plant in Querétaro; will generate 1,800 new jobs

By Elenne Castro


June 6, 2022

Grupo Prettl confirmed that it will build its third plant in Querétaro  in the municipality of El Marqués  for the production of assembly of plastic parts and LED lighting , which will be used for the interior of vehicles and, in turn, will produce harnesses for household appliances . .

The above was confirmed by Mauricio Kuri González, governor of Querétaro, on the second day of work at the Hannover Messe fair in Germany; and he assured that with this new investment they will be generating more than 1,800 jobs in the entity .

“This company has been in Querétaro for 26 years. With this, plus those who already have, they become one of the main employers in Querétaro… These types of companies are the ones that give pride to take Querétaro to the next level”, he said.

During the meeting, the state president and the directors of the company discussed strategies to strengthen the state's supply chain for the benefit of the company and others. As well as the entity's capabilities in manufacturing and electronics , including educational programs and specialized training centers in these sectors.

Carlos Barroso, the advisor to the Prettl family , announced the creation of more than 180 new jobs at his plant located in the municipality of Corregidora. He added that with this figure the company will have more than 4,000 workers at its plants in the state.

"The Prettl group is going to have 180 more new jobs in Corregidora, where we have already started our operations in Querétaro, and in the coming months we are going to open a plant in the municipality of El Marqués, where we plan to grow 1,500 additional jobs, in total almost 1,800 ", accurate.

The new plant will be installed in the municipality of El Marqués, in more than 10,000 meters of construction . Prettl  already has two plants in Querétaro, one focused on the manufacture of electronic harnesses for the aerospace sector and household appliances; and another is specialized in the manufacture of automotive-grade electronic cards .

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