Pizza Hut opens plant in Querétaro, home of its new hub in Mexico

By Víctor Vázquez


June 6, 2022

With an investment of 7.5 million dollars, Food Delivery Brands, Pizza Hut 's multi-brand operator in Mexico , inaugurated an input manufacturing plant in the Kaizen Industrial Park , in the municipality of Colón, Querétaro .

The site has the capacity to produce up to 14 million kilograms of dough , which is equivalent to 31 million pizzas . 

In addition to this investment, the brand allocated one million dollars for the construction of its corporate offices in Mexico , which will be in this same complex. 

In this way, highlighted Juan Luis Bueno , general director of Food Delivery Brands Mexico , Querétaro  becomes the hub of the brand in the country, since, in addition, the Center of Excellence in Training and Training will be located within the site , as well as as the Development and Innovation Center in which new product ideas are developed. “We are very excited about the opening of our factory in Querétaro . One more step in our path of growth within MexicoWe want to reach more Mexican customers, offering them the best pizzas and meeting the highest quality levels, for which the new plant is key. 

“In addition, we will have the Development and Innovation Center , where our experts create different products that have made us market leaders, such as pizza bread or cheese stuffed shore. This year we will continue with our expansion plan, considering the opening of 60 stores and ending the year with 314”, informed the general director during the inauguration of the plant. 

Likewise, the location has a storage space, focused on frozen, refrigerated and dry products, packaging, packaging and labeling machines, a platform for raw materials and shipment of finished products, in an area of ​​7,000 square meters. 

This infrastructure has Individual Quick Freezing automation processes , accompanied by cutting-edge technology.

The opening of the plant considers the creation of more than 300 jobs , between direct and indirect. Nationwide, Pizza Hut employs around 3,700 associates. 

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