Nordson Medical opens plant in Baja California

By Sandra Cervantes

Baja California

September 26, 2022

Nordson Medical began operations in the city of Tecate, Baja California, where it recently opened a plant whose investment amounts to more than 20 million dollars.

With this investment, the company is consolidated with a total of 13 plants around the world: eight are in the United States, two in Ireland, one in Israel and two in Mexico, the latter two generate nearly 2,000 jobs and a high level of engineering.

"We are convinced that our human capital is and will be the main asset to compete within the medical device design and manufacturing industry, and in this way offer our clients products with the highest quality standards", highlighted the vice president of manufacturing of the plant, David Valenzuela.

He stressed that they came to the "Magic Town" of Baja California to contribute to the economic development of the area, and accompany the growth of other world-class companies.

The foregoing, he said, through the design, development and manufacture of technologies for the creation of complex medical devices such as catheters.

It was in the month of April 2021 when the first stone of the plant in Tecate was laid, noted the manager, whose total area is 58,000 square feet, 15,000 of which were used for manufacturing in Class 8 "Clean Rooms" , that is, they are spaces equal to or cleaner than a hospital operating room.

Meanwhile, in October of that same year the construction was completed and the validation of the processes, equipment and clean rooms began, finishing this stage in January 2022.

Thus, as of last February, David Valenzuela pointed out, Nordson Medical started its operations in the El Bají Industrial Park or, on the highway, Tijuana - Tecate Km140, number 21503, celebrating its official inauguration on September 23.

The director of the plant mentioned that the company is currently in the process of hiring personnel for the different areas, for which a benefits program has been designed that not only includes free transportation and competitive salaries.

"It also includes constant training schemes that will allow associates to develop a career plan with which they will be able to climb various positions, in addition to having first-class facilities and fully automated state-of-the-art environmental control equipment," he concluded.

Nordson Medical joins one of the strongest clusters in Baja California, that of medical products, considered the largest in Latin America, bringing together 81 companies that employ more than 82,000 workers.

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