Mission inaugurates 175-acres industrial park

By Anayancy Ulloa


June 1, 2022

Killam Development, along with elected and community leaders from the Rio Grande Valley, celebrated the opening of a new 175-acre industrial park known as Sharyland Business Park in Mission, Texas.

The development will attract manufacturing, logistics and distribution facilities, and generate new jobs in a growing area along the Anzaldúas International Bridge.

Armando O'Caña, mayor of Mission, pointed out at the beginning of his message that the Anzalduas Bridge will be for commercial traffic in 2023. "This is the expected date," he added.

He said that this is good news to share, as it will bring more benefits and advantages to the area.

“This is one of the most important expansions in the region, not only for the South Texas Valley, but especially for the city of Mission,” he said.


This project was made possible by a historic public-private partnership between Killam Development, the City of Mission, Hidalgo County, the Mission Economic Development Corporation, and the United States Economic Development Administration.

Cliffe Killam, President of Killam Development, mentioned in his opening ceremony speech that working together strengthens an incredible public-private partnership that enables new investment, job growth and new opportunities for the community.

“Killam Development is a family business with over 100 years of serving South Texas. We know and understand the border, the culture and the place; it's our home,” Cliffe said.

He described that it was in 2019 that they bought a 3,400-acre property because they saw a huge opportunity in this area. Since then they have worked hand in hand with the community to design and develop a master plan that will include a residential area, shops, green areas, bike paths and bike paths, and other attractions.

“After working with a group of many people who provided their ideas and vision of what they wanted for Mission, many agreed that they wanted a place to live, work and play,” he said.

He added that this property is now known as Sharyland Business Park, especially suitable for an industrial park.

"The 175-acre property is just the beginning of what will be close to a 1,000-acre industrial park," he said.

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