Mexico and the US, deeply interrelated: American Society of Mexico

By Israel Molina

Ciudad de México

September 6, 2022

As part of the celebration of its 80th anniversary and the bicentennial of the establishment of the beginning of diplomatic relations between the United States and Mexico, The American Society of Mexico A.C. (AmSoc) held its 2022 Binational Convention, the first exercise led by an organization that brings together companies and individuals of both nationalities.

With the aim of exchanging points of view and proposals on the strategic priorities that strengthen the relationship between Mexico and the United States in the future, the event brought together prominent figures from both countries, including leaders from the business, financial, cultural, social responsibility sectors and philanthropy, environmental and academic, as well as senior public officials.

“The United States and Mexico maintain a deeply interconnected, fully dynamic relationship, without comparison in other latitudes of the world, in which, more than neighbors, we consider ourselves family. As an organization that represents the voice of the American community in Mexico, AmSoc seeks to look to the future and move forward together as a region, as partners and as allies, considering innovation, diversity and inclusion at all times," said Larry Rubin, president of the AmSoc.

During the inauguration, Francisco Garza, president of General Motors Mexico, said that 80 years is said to be easy, but it is made possible by the willingness of the men and women who make it up.

“One of the strengths of AmSoc is issues such as diversity, even commercial relations, such as the T-MEC. In recent years, despite the challenges, we have worked on issues to maintain and strengthen bilateral trade. The relationship and work of the embassy in Mexico allows for a strong link to the highest levels of government.”

For his part, Manuel Macedo, president of Honeywell, indicated that, for the company, Mexico is its second most important region globally, only below the United States.

“We trust the country a lot and we believe in its people, we employ thousands of Mexicans, we have engineers, plants, innovation, technologies. Today, digital transformation, sustainability and inclusion are the order of the day, and they are deep values ​​that both nations share. Mexico has a privileged role in the relationship with the United States and Canada, since it is the pole in Latin America”.

Meanwhile, José Abugaber, president of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers of the United Mexican States (Concamin), took the opportunity to emphasize that affiliated companies represent 40% of the national GDP and 54% of formal employment in Mexico.

He highlighted that industry and manufacturing have grown rapidly, since, to date, they accounted for more than 22 million people who collaborate in the million economic units, which in turn generate 68.7% of total exports.

“The United States has always stood out as one of the main partners for the country and vice versa, where we have shared economic, academic, political and social relations. The cooperation between Concamin and AmSoc has strengthened the industrial sector to generate greater opportunities for the country”, he concluded.

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