LEGO expands its plant in Nuevo León with more than 500 million dollars

By Perla Eunice

Nuevo León

August 8, 2022

With an investment of 507 million dollars , LEGO expanded its plant located in Nuevo León, Mexico, to become the company's largest factory in the world.

The Danish company's expansion totals more than 33,000 square meters , includes a fully automated high-stack warehouse and a building dedicated to the decoration and assembly of LEGO products that will be completed in 2022. The multi-year investment will also include a new molding building which will open at the end of 2024 and will contribute to a 50% increase in production capacity.

This manufacturing center is installed in Ciénega de Flores. With this expansion, 1,000 new jobs will be generated , in addition to the 5,000 jobs they already have. However, it is expected that they could reach up to 7,000 jobs.

“Today we celebrate an exciting achievement for our factory in Nuevo León; We are the largest LEGO Group manufacturing plant in the world. Since its opening, in 2008, we have received a lot of support in Nuevo León”, said Nancy Sánchez, general director of LEGO Operations in Mexico and Senior Vice President of Americas Manufacturing of the LEGO Group.

“We have amazing colleagues, a great pool of talent to recruit thanks to a strong job market and education system, as well as an industry community that works in a positive operating environment. All these characteristics of the region give us certainty to continue investing in this plant and support the growth in the communities", he highlighted.

LEGO: technology and development in Nuevo León

Its new Processing plant (Decoration and Assembly) has an area of ​​7,412 square meters. Construction began in August 2020 and operations began in January 2022. Its maximum capacity is 2.1 billion decorated elements per year.

According to information from LEGO, the new High Bay Warehouse (Almacén de Alta Estriba) has an area of ​​26,350 m2. Construction began in mid-2016 and operation in July 2019. The maximum storage capacity of this HBW is 676,800 individual boxes and 69,300 pallets.

LEGO Group announced the construction of a new molding building, which will be built later this year. He also mentioned that 90% of its supplies are from local suppliers and that they support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) so that they can benefit from this growth.

The company exports 100% of its production through the highway to Colombia.

LEGO was established in Nuevo León in October 2008. It is the only plant that the group has in the American continent and that makes its own injection molds.

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