Killam Development is distinguished as Company of the Year 2022

By Anayancy Ulloa

South Texas

November 28, 2022

Killam Development was honored as the 2022 Company of the Year  in Mission, Texas.

Killam Development is a company with more than 100 years of creation in Laredo, Texas. In 2016 they installed their first winery in Hidalgo. Three years later, in 2019, they acquired 3,400 acres in Mission, and that is how they became fully involved in this city, when they were in the process of creating a colonia and mixed development. 

In order to establish the best strategies, Killam Development took into account the opinion of the community, the mayors and the economic development secretariats of the various municipalities in this region. He held public meetings in which high school and university students also participated, as well as professors and the general public.

“This was certainly something the City of Mission and the Chamber of Commerce liked, and for this they awarded us Business of the Year recognition. We are happy. We were very motivated by the response we received from the municipality. We are here to stay!” said René Alcalá, director of business development at Killam Development.

He stressed that only this project contemplates a period of between 20 and 25 years in its development and completion. The first phase of the residential development consists of the construction of 450 houses, and in later stages the commercial part will be integrated.

Close to this residential project will be located its industrial parks. René mentioned that one of its parks is currently under development, which is adjacent to the Anzalduas International Bridge , which in the following years -approximately 2024- will allow commercial cargo to cross.

Construction of this park began at the beginning of 2022, and it will be in mid-December of this year that the work will be completed to begin operations. 

“We are looking at the change that is happening in the supply chain. We know the importance of nearshoring and how Mexico is in a key position to be able to attract the manufacturing of products,” she said.

He stressed that the growth of the Bajío and the industrial growth itself in Mexico is the growth of the Texas Valley, since the products have this region as their final destination to be distributed to the final customer.

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