John Deere invests in two new production lines for agriculture and construction in Nuevo León

By Lourdes Flores

Nuevo León

November 23, 2022

After 70 years of John Deere manufacturing traditional implements for the agricultural sector, it is expanding its plant in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, to open two new production lines for the agricultural and construction sectors, with the capacity to create 400 new direct jobs and will potentially be a pole of attraction for the young talents of Nuevo León.

Gerardo Mendoza, director of the John Deere Monterrey Site , highlighted that one of the values ​​of the company of American origin is innovation. “ We are a high-tech hub, a point of reference for manufacturing companies”.

Due to the constant challenges presented by technological trends, the company is transitioning from an agri-food production process towards technological agriculture, with solutions for the agricultural and construction equipment sectors, he mentioned.

The government of Nuevo León reported that the investment made by John Deere is 55 million dollars.

Later Mark Von Pentz, president of the Deere & Company Agricultural Division , indicated that the company is proud of its 185-year history that began with a more modern version of some equipment that is still manufactured in Mexico, but has grown much more.

They settled in Mexico 70 years ago and have had a " fantastic growth " of their products, what they manufacture in equipment and tractors has entered the intelligent industry, which in simple terms, is the information that reaches the tractor and it uploads it to the cloud, with that the farmer knows what is being fed and there is traceability from the farm to the store. 

That is what the intelligent industry is about, he stressed, it is a digital model that they have added, it has three times the value of our company and it is what society wants, products that are sustainable, in a world that has passed 8,000 million people to 10 billion.

They intend to increase production from 70 to 100% to feed the world, and that is why agriculture will have a promising future, and an increase in the production of equipment will be needed to work on this increase, but he acknowledged: "no we would be nothing in Mexico if it were not for the work team, I would like to thank each one of those who represent the workforce”.

“Nuevo León is important because we see great opportunities for growth, so I would like to thank the mayor, Miguel Treviño, and the governor, Samuel García Sepúlveda, who are here because they are helping to promote the growth that we can have. The best days for John Deere are in the world and here locally."

In turn, Bill Norton, vice president, manufacturing leader, small agriculture and turf - America, Deere & Company , recounted that ten years ago when they contemplated the installation of a plant in Nuevo León, "we thought that we could find labor with talent and we found it, we also wanted to offer profitability to our parties involved and we achieved it”.

In context, he said that three years ago they faced a challenge that tested their resilience and work capacity due to the pandemic, despite this, today they have the privilege of saying that it has been an unprecedented year in product sales, and this It is a testimony that distinguishes the participants in Monterrey. 

“In addition, it has earned the right to continue increasing the business, and with the projects we have here we are well leveraged. Nuevo León offers a talented workforce as well as a supply chain to keep our work moving forward, we continue to hire the best talent possible, adding what we believe will be 3,200 jobs.”

He stressed that in a time of uncertainty some things are certain, Nuevo León is a great place for John Deere and they will continue to embrace challenges and face them, since it is a company that does not stop.

What attracts Nuevo León

Samuel Alejandro García Sepúlveda, governor of Nuevo León, affirmed that these new investments allow Nuevo León to continue being a national leader in all economic indicators, since they reflect the strength and talent of its community.

"Foreign investment in Nuevo León represents 20% of what the country receives, one in five dollars reaches the entity and in five years it will be one in four," said the president. 

“Monterrey, Nuevo León has already been transformed and it is no longer just the industrial capital, it is the city of services, of the best universities, first place in taxes, in formality, in all economic indices, in employment where only in This year we have 103,000 new jobs and we are going to close the year with almost 120,000”.

"That is why we no longer compete with other states, we have to compete with the world because today we are the economic engine of Mexico and the most powerful region," he said.

In his speech, the Governor of Nuevo León thanked the trust of John Deere  executives to continue investing in Nuevo León.

 “That is the vision of Nuevo León and John Deere is a symbol of that reflection, we are very happy and grateful that they continue to have confidence, that they are expanding, millions of dollars in investment and that they tell us that this is just a step of what is coming, we are very grateful because this is the type of investment we want”, he stated.

"Today I can tell you that all this year we have been opening or expanding between one and two companies a week, and that is a reflection that next year we will continue to be first in everything and breaking the records that we already established this year," he added. .

The Secretary of Economy, Iván Rivas, pointed out that in Nuevo León the John Deere company will find the human capital and infrastructure to continue growing.

“Nuevo León has a remarkable industrial tradition. John Deere will find here the human capital and the infrastructure to continue growing. With more than 15,000 engineers and scientists graduating from the entity each year, this and other companies that are arriving and expanding are a job option for them,” he concluded.

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