Jalisco is consolidated as the ideal destination for new investments

By Elenne Castro


July 5, 2022

Through the General Strategic Coordination for Growth and Economic Development ; the Secretary of Education and the Business Organisms of Jalisco were able to materialize 724 million dollars of investment -to be materialized in a period of no more than 12 months- and the generation of nearly 11,600 jobs .

The investments were confirmed during the tour to California, United States, held from June 13 to 16, 2022, making the state one of the main destinations to invest.

These results are the result of the state 's promotion and internationalization strategy , to consolidate the attraction of new investments and achieve greater job creation.

 During this tour , meetings were held with 10 high-tech companies and high-impact startups with a presence in Jalisco, and the confidence to maintain and expand their operations in the entity was endorsed, contributing to the growth of the Jalisco economy.

Alfonso Pompa Padilla, secretary of Innovation, Science and Technology, commented that they visited three innovation and development campuses of world leading companies that undoubtedly allow them to bet on the future of digital technologies and the knowledge economy in Jalisco. 

"It is a great opportunity that we have to take advantage of and develop top-level talent to ensure the growth of these companies."

 Among the strengths highlighted by the entity's investors are: being a pole for generating and attracting talent, job stability, infrastructure, having development and research centers, as well as having a consolidated manufacturing and design industry .

Roberto Arechederra, head of the Jalisco Economic Development Secretariat, pointed out that work is currently being done so that the rest of the administration can lay the foundations for Jalisco to continue its growth and generation of jobs.

 "The investments that were announced are the result of the work that is done together, it is a cohesion work that is done in Jalisco, we want an investable entity, an entity that is friendly to investment," he added.

In addition, a collaboration with Google  was achieved , which will provide an initial diagnosis for teachers throughout the state, a training and support program for 10,000 teachers and scholarships for certification as a Level 1 Educator for teachers who show interest in using the ecosystem.

 Also with Google , the possibility of promoting a connectivity project together with the company  and the Jalisco Network was raised in order to connect schools and more distant ones so that they have quality internet.

 In addition, with the aim of consolidating the relationship with the Jalisco countrymen in Los Angeles who seek to export, it was agreed, during the tour, to carry out one more edition of the Jalisco Week to promote the traditions and culture of our state with the October Festivities. in LA

On the other hand, to promote and consolidate the audiovisual productions of Jalisco residents in California, a Filma office will be opened in Jalisco , in order to take advantage of the existing market and promote this industry.

Along with the General Coordination for Growth and Economic Development and the Secretariat for Economic Development (Sedeco), the heads of the Secretariat for Innovation, Science and Technology , Alfonso Pompa; from the Ministry of Education , Juan Carlos Flores Miramontes; from the  Secretary of Labor , Marco Valerio Pérez Gollaz; from the Jalisco Entertainment Agency , Esteban Estrada; the director of Investment Attraction , Andrea Colín; Néstor García, director of Planning and Projects of the Strategic Coordination of Growth and Economic Development ; Dina Grijalva Varillas, president ofWest Canieti ; César Castro Rodríguez, coordinator of the Jalisco Industriales ; Guillermo Del Río, president of index Occidente ; Carlos del Río Madrigal, president of the CMIC Jalisco ; Carlos Wolstein González Rubio, Vice President of the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce and Jaime de la Torre, Vice President of Coparmex .

 The leaders of the business organizations that attended the tour highlighted the productivity of these actions in terms of attracting investment and applauded the unity that has been generated in the Government of Jalisco to promote actions that position the state as a development pole.

 In addition to the investment and employment figures, it was agreed that a work table will be set up with the entire industry to establish general rules and specific strategies that allow Jalisco to enter high-potential sectors, in addition to reinforcing the training of talent to have with the hands and minds of skilled labor, as well as the highly specialized talent that is needed.

 With these actions, Jalisco has managed to materialize in the last two months (May and June) an amount of investments for 1,200 million dollars and around 19,600 new jobs for Jalisco.


  • $724 million (total tour)


  • 11,300 jobs (total tour)
  • Jabil: 400 million dollars and 6,000 new jobs
  • Intel: 8 million dollars in the semiconductor area, 200 high-paying and specialized jobs
  • Sanmina: 216 million dollars and 2,000 jobs
  • Flex: 100 million dollars and 3,000 jobs
  • HP: Creation of 400 high-skill, high-paying jobs
  • Bosch: By 2024 it will double its workforce in Jalisco
  • Oracle: Work plan for hiring more than 700 engineers from Jalisco
  • C3AI: Committed to creating more highly specialized jobs.



  • Educational alliance with Google
  • October Parties in Los Angeles
  • Jalisco Week in Los Angeles
  • Office of Filma in Jalisco in Los Angeles
  • Meeting of the Federal Liaison Unit and International Affairs (UEFAI) and Jalisco migrants
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