Increases 15.22 percent automotive production in Mexico

By Elenne Castro

Ciudad de México

June 13, 2022

In May 2022, vehicle production in Mexico grew by 15.22% with a total of 275,436 units assembled in the fifth month of the year, while in the same period of 2021 it was 239,047.

According to the monthly report of the Administrative Registry of the Automotive Industry of Light Vehicles of the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (Inegi), from January to May 2022, 1,376,028 cars have been built, which results in a positive variation of 3.5%, comparing it with the same months of last year that reached 1,329,436.

Among the automotive brands that had positive results in their production were: Audi with 16,630; Ford reached 23,719; General Motors assembled 56,638; Kia  built 23,800; Mercedes-Benz in the month produced 9,173; Stellantis had a total of 36,602 units; Toyota finished with 27,463 and Volkswagen built 28,556.


In the fifth month of 2022, Mexico exported 244,643 units , which resulted in a variation of 1.08%, with the same month of 2021 when 242,020 cars were shipped abroad.

The automotive companies that exported the most vehicles in May are: Ford  with 21,069; General Motors shipped 54,999; Kia  exported 18,450; while Stellantis shipped 40,716 units, Toyota shipped 22,371 and Volkswagen 23,135 units.



Audi: 16,630

BMW Group: 3,223

Ford Engine: 23,719

General Motors:  56,638

Honda: 3,274 

Kia: 23,800

Mazda: 7,075

Mercedes-Benz: 9,173

Nissan: 37,772

Stellantis: 36,602

Toyota: 27,463

Volkswagen: 28,556

JAC: 1,511

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