Honeywell expands operations of its Global Supply Chain Center of Excellence in Nuevo León

By Elenne Castro

Nuevo León

November 23, 2022

Honeywell expanded its operations in Nuevo León with the expansion of the Monterrey Supply Chain Global Center of Excellence , an entity that is considered one of its main logistics nodes in the northeastern region of Mexico.

For this work, the company invested 3 million dollars and will be generating 250 quality jobs. The expansion of this center will consist of more than 1,000 square meters in its facilities, in which 56% of collaborators have been added in recent years to have more than 400 professionals.

It should be noted that the US firm has invested more than 60 million dollars with suppliers in Nuevo León since 2019.

Manuel Macedo, president of Honeywell for Latin America , said that for the company the pandemic highlighted how important the association with suppliers is, the relevance of understanding the supply chain from start to finish, as well as collaborating closely with the different concerned parties.

"In this sense, the strengthening of a localized and more stable supply chain in the northeast of Mexico will allow the company to be more resilient, flexible and act more quickly and remain closer to our customers."

The center was inaugurated in 2003, with the initial objective of fully operating the life cycle of the value chain for Honeywell 's Aerospace business . Currently, the center performs strategic planning functions; of operation of production and supply planning for the company globally.  

Likewise, negotiations are carried out with local and global suppliers  to provide indirect services and raw materials for plants, offices, technology and engineering centers, in addition to purchasing direct material and implementing quality programs in supply and product development. providers, among other functions. 

Honeywell has more than 85 years of presence in Mexico, a country that is considered a strategic region to continue growing, which is why in recent years it has sought to develop a fully integrated supply chain , ranging from raw materials to high-value assemblies. . 

Honeywell  currently has more than 12,000 employees in Mexico and 11 manufacturing plants, two high-engineering development centers, test laboratories for security solutions and smart buildings, and the  largest aerospace mechanical plant in Latin America.

Present at the inauguration were Manuel Macedo, president of Honeywell for Latin America; John Palm, Vice President of Integrated Supply Chain at Honeywell Latin America; Cecilio López, vice president of Integrated Supply Chain for the Honeywell Building Technologies unit and Carla Cantú, senior director of Honeywell Supply Chains and leader of the Honeywell Site in Monterrey.

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