Gilero opens a new plant in Tijuana; commitment to research and development of medical prototypes

By Sandra Cervantes

Baja California

November 29, 2022

With an initial investment of 2.5 million dollars , the Gilero medical device company opened the doors of its new plant in Tijuana, where it will generate high value-added jobs and manufacture high-tech products for the medical sector.

The corporate announced that by 2024 , 4 million dollars will be invested in this headquarters in Tijuana, where it is expected to generate around 350 high-value jobs.
“Gilero's Tijuana manufacturing facility is just across the US-Mexico border, about a 45-minute drive from our Design Center in Carlsbad,” said Ted Mosler, CEO and founder of Gilero .

“This positioning allows our engineering teams to remain involved in the manufacturing transfer process as needed, ensuring that product designs are correctly and efficiently transferred from design to manufacturing.”

The executive mentioned that this location will provide the same high level of manufacturing expertise that Gilero is known for , with a strong focus on the assembly and packaging of medical devices.

“Adding a manufacturing facility in Mexico means we can now offer a low-cost option for high-volume products that require it,” said Clayton Roberts, Gilero's vice president of business development.

“This facility will operate under the same strong quality management system as Gilero's national manufacturing facility in Pittsboro, North Carolina, ensuring consistency of product quality and regulation across all of our sites.”

The new location was selected in part for its proximity to the Gilero Design Center  in Carlsbad, California, where it opened in 2019.


Gilero, the first company of its kind in Tijuana

In this regard, Carlos Higuera Espíritu, treasurer of Economic and Industrial Development of Tijuana  (Deitac), indicated that the growth of the medical device industry has been remarkable and a great driver of the economy of Baja California, mainly Tijuana.

"This investment is very relevant because Gilero is settling as a research and development center, and not as a company with massive operations, since it will be dedicated to contract design, development and manufacturing, specializing in medical devices and drug administration ", I note.

The business leader mentioned that Gilero  has the objective of attracting different prototypes and new products, this at the request of its customers, so the pilot runs will be carried out at this Tijuana plant, located in the La Mesa Industrial Park.

"We as Deitac were from the beginning of the project management, about two years ago, and today we see the culmination," said Carlos Higuera.

What is remarkable about Gilero, he added, is that due to its specialized nature it will generate high-value jobs, since it will require technicians and engineers with great capacity to work on prototypes for the medical industry.

In this sense, he stressed that it is the first company of its kind to settle in Tijuana, and it is this type of operation that Deitac seeks to attract, as an economic promotion agency.

Gilero offers comprehensive design, development and contract manufacturing services in the medical device and drug delivery/combination product markets.

With an expanding global presence, Gilero works with some of the world's most trusted leading brands to design innovative medical devices, drug delivery systems and combination products.

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