Empowering leadership and collaboration: second edition of Binational Women Leaders event

By Viviana Cervantes

South Texas

October 9, 2023

Mission, Texas — In a gathering that celebrated the strength and influence of female leadership, the second edition of the Binational Women Leaders event brought together prominent figures from both Mexico and the United States. The event, held at the Mission Event Center, provided a platform for women leaders to share insights, discuss key economic topics, and foster collaborations for future growth.


Diverse Leadership

The event was graced by influential women leaders, including Blanca Dávila, Director of Professional Education and Workforce Development at the University of Texas of Rio Grande Valley; Devorah Karren, Director of International Relations from Nuevo León; and Ilse Fernández, CEO of TCA Logistics, among others.


Key Discussions

Discussions during the event centered around crucial economic topics such as nearshoring, international trade efficiency, and strategies for overcoming challenges. Panelists emphasized the pivotal role of women in the economic development of the Northeast of Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley region, showcasing the region's potential for investments and new projects.


Highlighting Success

Gloria Gracia, General Director of The Shopping in Texas, received special recognition for her honorable sponsorship of the event. The discussions underscored the increasing interest in the real estate sector, investments, and ongoing projects contributing to the growth of South Texas.


Women Driving Change

The event showcased the collective strength of women in various business and industrial sectors. Panelists discussed the surge in logistics operations since 2020, particularly along the border, and the opportunities arising from the challenges posed by the pandemic.


Networking for the Future

A crucial component of the event was the networking session, where women leaders established new business relationships and strengthened collaborations for future economic development. The message of the organizers, Ingrid Ulloa, COO of Cobifer, and Astrid Salazar, Director of Institutional and Governmental Relations at Grupo CIL, emphasized the power of unity for creating opportunities in the face of challenges.


Recognition and Sponsorship

The event received strong support from 22 sponsors, highlighting the importance of fostering and recognizing professional women in Mexico and the United States. Sponsors included Mexico Industry, The Shopping in Texas, City of Mission, Mission Economic Development Corporation, TCA Logistics, and others.


The Binational Women Leaders event not only provided a platform for women to share their experiences and insights but also strengthened the bonds for future collaborative endeavors in economic development across borders.

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