Edinburg Attracts $27.6 Million in New Construction Activity

By Viviana Cervantes

South Texas

October 30, 2023

The city reported an increase in new constructions from January to September 2023.

In a remarkable demonstration of economic growth, Edinburg, Texas, saw a surge in construction activity, totaling $27.6 million in September 2023, compared to $20.4 million during the same period the previous year. This growth encompasses residential, commercial, and industrial developments.

These figures are derived from the latest construction permits issued, revealing that from January to September, Edinburg amassed $333.5 million in new constructions, representing an increase of approximately $77.4 million compared to the $256.1 million recorded in 2022.

Competitive advantages

Edinburg Mayor Ramiro Garza Jr. explained that these numbers showcase the robustness of the city's real estate sector, the competitive advantages it offers, and its appeal to new investors.

"This significant uptick in construction activity is a testament to Edinburg's allure as a dynamic and thriving city. It reflects our commitment to economic development and our dedication to creating opportunities for both residents and businesses."

He also noted that as the city continues to grow, it attracts new residents and businesses, providing better prospects for living, working, and prospering. "We are proud of the progress we have made and look forward to a bright future for our city."

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