Doing business along the Valley - An Interview with Jeremy Bliss from HSBC Bank Mexico

By Editorial

Ciudad de México

August 2, 2022

“We are convinced that solid relationships are made with openness, dependability, and putting the client at the center of all that we do. We know that the pandemic taught us how to maintain relationships remotely; however, the dynamic of in-person interaction still has unique and significant benefits. That is why HSBC continues to invest further in the region to improve our coverage capabilities.”

Today we talked with Jeremy Bliss, Head of International Subsidiary Banking, Mexico & Latin America for HSBC, about doing business along the Valley and the impact of having a local presence. Jeremy Bliss is responsible for the Mexican and Latam subsidiaries of HSBC’s Corporate clients from around the world.   These ISB Latin America teams are based in manages relationship coverage teams in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. He has been part of HSBC Group since 2003 and along this time he has experienced a variety of strategic and business leadership positions worldwide.


Mexico Industry: From your perspective, what situations do you see that impact the region globally?

Jeremy: I like to think upon the saying that “the only constant in life is change” because we’ve seen so many new challenges arising that are impacting companies globally.  Whether the pandemic, supply chain disruptions, pricing volatility in terms of transportation and tariffs, companies in Mexico are required to adapt given the international connectivity of the Mexican market.    Nonetheless Mexico has registered a significant increase in Foreign Direct Investment, and Tamaulipas has been able to take outstanding advantage of the installed capacity in the region to accommodate the ever increasing needs of industries with globally integrated supply chains.  Tamaulipas provides these companies Specialized industrial parks, convenient transportation logistics, accessible border crossing, and highly developed ecosystems to support the business needs.


Mexico Industry: When did you realize Valley needs a personalized focus and attention? What immediate actions did you take, and how ready was your organization to adopt these actions?

Jeremy: Previously, we served the Valley from our team based in Monterrey, but it was clear that we could do more for our clients if we had a relationship manager living and working within the community.  

I worked closely with  Paul Diaz, Head of ISB for Northern Mexico, and our product specialists to create a new Relationship Manager position  in Reynosa to cover the Valley, which has been filled by Juan Carlos Cortés.

Our clients' reactions were very positive, reinforcing how valued it is to have someone local covering their relationship


Mexico Industry: How do International Companies work with HSBC, how does it work locally, and what is the coverage of this new team member?

Jeremy: HSBC provides Commercial Banking services in over 60 countries making it a perfect partner for multinational companies.  For these companies, we have a very powerful coverage model linking HSBC bankers in both the country of the company’s headquarters and with locally where the subsidiary is based.    This enables us to take into account the entirety of the company and the global relationship rather that only looking at the scale and financial situation of the local entity.  Juan Carlos Cortés, Relationship Manager, covers all Tamaulipas borders with a specific focus on these international subsidiaries. 

We offer local tailor-made solutions such as Cash Management, Payroll Services with on-site onboarding and debit card deliver, FX solutions, working capital facilities, and longer term loans for capital expenditures.     


Mexico Industry: Have you found that HSBC infrastructure is accurate according to markets?

Jeremy: With nearly 1000 HSBC branches, thousands of ATMs, and partnerships with retailers such as Oxxo, HSBC has made a strong long term commitment to Mexico over the years.  In fact, the personal banking infrastructure in Mexico ranks #1 for HSBC’s entire global presence.   This footprint is continually being analyzed and optimized to best serve the market.

For some of the larger payroll programs we have placed ATMs on-site or even set up a mini-branch.


Mexico Industry: What is the future long-term plan in the area?

Jeremy: I sincerely hope this is just the beginning.  With continued focus on manufacturing in the region and more companies looking to ‘nearshore’ I believe the region will continue to grow and I would like to see HSBC to grow along with it.   

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