Cummins inaugurates engine production line in Mexico; invests 11 million dollars in the San Luis Potosí plant

By Elenne Castro

San Luis Potosi

March 23, 2022

Cummins Mexico  will be the new manufacturing house for the ISM11 and QSX15 engines , which will be assembled at the New and ReCon Parts plant located in San Luis Potosí.

The leading company in energy and motive power solutions enabled the Potosí factory to start production of these models that were manufactured for 42 years at the Jamestown Plant in New York.

 With a total investment of 11 million dollars , which was carried out in different stages, this new line will have the capacity to produce 2,700 engines annually, which will be destined for both the national and international markets, mainly in the regions of Europe and Asia. 

Derived from this new operational need, 50 direct jobs have been generated and the creation of 30 more jobs is projected at the San Luis Potosí plant.

Ignacio García, vice president of Cummins Latin America, declared that the specialized workforce in its operations positions them as a key territory for Cummins  ' strategy at a global level. 

"The decision to move this operation to our country is, on the one hand, an opportunity to continue growing and boost the company's skills, and on the other, it will allow us to provide better business opportunities for our clients in different industries," he commented.

 The 11 and 15 liter engines that will be produced in Mexico will be destined for road and industrial applications, respectively. In the case of the ISM11 model , ideal to meet the needs of cargo transportation with a capacity of up to 36 tons, it offers maximum power and greater torque as well as superior efficiency for better fuel savings and performance.

For its part, the QSX15 engine , used in agricultural, mining, railway and construction applications, has six cylinders that reach a power of between 500 and 675 horsepower, making it one of the most powerful engines. In addition, it has systems for reducing contaminating particles such as Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). 

Both models comply with the Euro emissions guidelines, which more than satisfy the environmental requirements of the regions where they will be marketed.

 “After being focused on remanufacturing equipment, with this new production line the Cummins New and ReCon plant in Mexico returns to its origins of manufacturing equipment from scratch. This undoubtedly marks a milestone for our country and drives us to continue to challenge any limits,” he said.

Having a 100% Mexican production of these engines will allow Cummins  to strengthen its relationship with the different original equipment manufacturers, as well as to make the supply more efficient both in the national market and outside our borders. 

It should be noted that the New and ReCon Parts plant in San Luis Potosí has ​​promoted the value and flexibility of Cummins worldwide, therefore, the products manufactured in Mexico are widely recognized.

 With the integration of this production line, the Potosí factory becomes a First Fit engine plant, that is, with the capacity to provide direct supply to the end customer , which opens the door to considering, in the future, the manufacture of other models in our country.

In addition, it has a high level of automation , which allows it to achieve, in addition to the highest safety standards for employees, a high level of operational efficiency.

 These types of actions ratify the company's trust in Mexican talent, as well as its vision focused on its customers to provide them with the personalized service that has characterized Cummins  for more than one hundred years.

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