BUT Construction Machinery invests 20 million dollars in the installation of its plant in Monterrey

By Perla Eunice

Nuevo León

August 29, 2022

With an investment of 8 million dollars (mdd), the Chinese company BUT Construction Machinery inaugurated its first plant in Nuevo León. With its opening, they will generate 400 direct jobs.

The company reported that, in a second phase, it will invest an additional 12 million dollars to expand its production in the state and consolidate a total investment of 20 million dollars.

From their new plant located in the Avante Industrial Park , they will manufacture construction machinery and equipment, such as excavator parts and hydraulic clamps. 

Iván Rivas, secretary of economy of Nuevo León, highlighted that during the second quarter the entity captured 1,448.4 million dollars, which represents 20.1% of all foreign investment that arrived in the country.

From the beginning of this administration, in October, to the month of July, 85 investment projects have been confirmed, of which 44 are new investments and 41 are company expansions. Of these projects, 18 come from China, representing 21.1% of the total.

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