BRP installs its North American Machining Center in Querétaro

By Víctor Vázquez


July 5, 2022

BRP  inaugurated its North American Machining Center ( NAMC ) at its facilities in the Querétaro Industrial Park . At this new site, the Canadian company will manufacture the main components of the Rotax engines .

The opening of NAMC also represents the generation of 100 permanent jobs for operational and administrative personnel.

In his speech, during the opening ceremony, Mario  Gebetshuber , director of the BRP Querétaro plant , said he was proud of this center, which will allow the company's parts manufacturing production to expand in the state. 

“The NAMC  will increase our production capacity for engine components and allow greater flexibility in our machining processes. The team is currently focused on the final quality control tests of our products and processes and hopes to ramp up production soon after.”

For his part, Patrick Dussault , vice president and global manager of manufacturing and operations at BRP , highlighted that this complex is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, such as soft machining, induction heat treatment, grinding, polishing and assembly to manufacture aluminum parts. , “which are the heart of the engines”. 

After this opening, the BRP complex in Queretaro is now made up of four main production units: 

  • Composite Manufacturing Center , dedicated to the production of the deck and hull for Sea-Doo personal watercraft .
  • North American Machining Center , where aluminum machining is done for the crankshaft, block, head and transmission covers for Rotax engines .
  • Rotax engine assembly .
  • Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft Assembly .



Thomas Uhr , director of technology at BRP , extolled the importance that the country has gained for the global corporation, thanks to the capabilities it has developed in recent years. 

“ Mexico has become the most important production center for BRP and plays a key role in meeting the strong and sustained demand for our powersports products. We recently announced that our future Can-Am electric motorcycles will be produced in Querétaro , and today we are very excited to open the new North American Machining Center .” 

The Canadian company has four manufacturing plants in the country: three in Ciudad Juárez and one in Querétaro .

They employ around 65% of the nearly 20,000 employees that the Canadian company has around the world.

In Mexico , BRP produces vehicles such as: Can-Am, Off-Road, Can-Am Ryker On Road three-wheelers, Sea Doo jet skis, and Rotax engines These products are exported to more than 120 countries. 

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