Automotive investment of Swiss origin will arrive in Querétaro: Swisscham Bajío

By Víctor Vázquez


March 17, 2022

Within the framework of the inauguration of the Bajío Chapter of the Swiss-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Swisscham Bajío) , Valentín Pfyffer , representative of the organization in the region, announced that a Swiss company, from the automotive sector, will lay the first stone of a manufacturing plant for the second quarter of the year in Querétaro .

Although he did not offer further details of the investment, Pfyffer said that the plant will generate at least 200 jobs in a first phase. To this new facility will be added various expansions of companies with Swiss capital, installed in the region.

“There is a new investment that will be made in an industrial park, near here, in [the capital of] Querétaro and there are many companies that have expansion plans. We hope that the investment will continue to grow and even more so in 2022, which is the year of recovery”, detailed the representative of the Swisscham Bajío in an interview, who also spoke of what was achieved by the delegation from Querétaro that recently made a working tour of Europe .

“The secretary [of Sustainable Development ] went to Switzerland, to a company that was Nestlé , because the company is planning to expand its operations in Mexico . It already has 17 plants and it is going to go not for new ones, but for bigger ones. [...] Givadaun is expanding at the moment, Nestlé is also expanding its three plants [in the Bajío ]”, he detailed. 



The opening of the Bajío representation of the Swisscham responds to the fact that 20 of the 70 members that this chamber has in Mexico are in this area , Valentin Pfyffer said . In the short term, they hope that the 35 large companies with Swiss capital installed between Querétaro, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosí  and Aguascalientes , will join the organization, with the aim of creating synergies and collaborative projects that allow them to grow and establish themselves in the country.

“We saw the opportunity, because the camera was only in Mexico City , but we realized that where the partners were most is in the Bajío and after that they are in the North. So the chamber opens not just one, but two performances [ Monterrey recently opened]. We will now be able to have face-to-face events. The idea is that each partner has a venue for events nearby and have decentralized events”. 

Another objective is to attract small and medium-sized companies that have Swiss capital; however, they still need to be mapped in order to integrate them into the chamber's ecosystem, the representative continued. 

Among the plans of Swisscham Bajío are the installation of the Manufacturing Committee , the organization of Networking Eurocam , the reception of the Swiss ambassador in Mexico , as well as taking the partners to visit manufacturing plants of other affiliates.   

The Swiss-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been in Mexico for five years and has 70 members throughout the country. 

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