Audi reaches more than 800,000 Audi Q5 units assembled in Mexico for the international market

By Elenne Castro


April 6, 2022

The Audi Mexico plant reached the production of 800,000 Audi Q5 units for the international market, after five years of having started its operations in San José Chiapa, Puebla. 

This production meets the highest quality requirements, as well as care for the environment, highlighting the proper use of resources in the most sustainable way. 

It should be noted that 50,000 Audi Q5 units correspond to the Sportback variant , which began serial production in February 2021, which has been widely accepted since its market launch. 

Tarek Mashhour, executive president of Audi Mexico, expressed the achievement of reaching this production figure, which has been thanks to the talent and dedication of the more than 5,200 employees of the Audi Mexico plant , who have been in charge of aligning the group standards to produce a quality car. 

“With passion and perfection, we have been able to put Mexican talent on a global level within the automotive industry.”

Audi Mexico will continue to produce at a good pace and with a view to innovating in the automotive industry , pointing towards electromobility in the future . For this reason, it will continue to evolve its way of manufacturing premium models that are friendly to the environment, as well as ambassadors of the future, positioning a new form of mobility for society .

On the other hand, the Mexican plant of   Audi will continue to overcome challenges and reach important numbers to guarantee the growth and future of the factory. These models have been produced at the San José Chiapa plant, guaranteeing care for the environment and making correct use of the resources provided.

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