Ambu starts operations in Chihuahua; this is its largest plant worldwide

By Elenne Castro


November 8, 2022

Ambu opened its largest plant in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, allowing the company to scale production and ensure greater proximity and supply of products to North America.

This factory has a total capacity of nearly 30,000 square meters; and after a period of unsettled global supply chain landscape, being able to secure growing manufacturing capacity is imperative.

The new plant is a strategic step in being closer to the North American market by having a more sustainable and flexible approach to supply chain constraints, enabling cost-effective transportation and better supply of products to customers.

Britt Meelby Jensen, CEO of Ambu, said that the opening of the new site in Mexico is an important milestone for the company. And delivering innovative, high-quality products to customers is the priority and has been a key focus area during Covid-19 and global supply chain disruptions. 

"Our investment in the new Mexican plant is a strategic decision to secure future production capacity, which will increase our flexibility and proximity to customers in North America and thus ensure a reliable supply of products."


In less than two years, the new manufacturing plant in Mexico has been built . The foundation stone was laid in March 2021 and the first products, the SPUR resuscitators, were shipped to the United States.

At the plant, Ambu  will produce single-use endoscopes  within the four main segments of endoscopy: pulmonology, urology, ENT and GI , as well as parts of our anesthesia portfolio. In addition, the company anticipates the creation of a total of 3,000 new jobs, as production increases in the coming years.

Today, Ambu  owns and operates manufacturing facilities in China, Malaysia, the United States and Mexico, totaling nearly 100,000 square meters of production space on all continents. In addition, the new plant has an additional 20,000 square meters for future expansion.

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